December 14, 2012

Upgrading Spud

At barely 2.5 years old, Spud has recently been upgraded to a big bed – a super single to say the least as it was the only “smaller” bed size the apartment has provided.While we were in no hurry to move her to a big bed since the last transition from cot to toddler bed, we soon found it necessary because:

  • she was getting too tall for her toddler bed
  • her brother’s cot bed, in the meantime was getting a little narrow for him

Needless to say, Spud was quite reluctant when we first planted the idea in her head. For several days, she insisted on sleeping in her cot bed – perhaps mainly for familiarity – even though we placed the big bed right next to her toddler bed.

It was only after her toddler’s bed was removed completely out of her sight did she become more receptive of the new arrangement. To convince her to sleep in her new bed, we made it fun for her by telling her that not only we all could cuddle up together in bed, all three of us, with her in between as we read her bedtime stories – something which was not possible before – we also told her that there is a bigger space for her to jump about and roll around! The latter being the deal clincher.

With that,  the transition to such a big bed was not as difficult as we thought it would be. She took to it quite easily and we were again pleasantly surprised.

Such a small girl in a such a massive bed. When we found her sleeping her usual froggy style with her favourite bear right next to her, we can’t help but line up all her other favourite companions along side each other and took a picture of it.

My little girl is growing so fast.

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