December 22, 2012

Mama’s little helper

Spud has been in a “I want to do! I want to do myself!” mode, and this includes her wanting to help feed her little brother his milk when she strongly feels like it.

When Spud knows that Squirt’s about to be fed, she gets all excited and wants to be mama’s little helper. I sometimes wish she would try to feed herself with the same gusto too…

It is actually quite cute to watch her in full concentration and trying so earnestly to put the bottle into his mouth. The only thing was, she did it as and when she pleased. Which meant that when she felt that Squirt was done, she would then just pull the bottle from his mouth without warning, telling him, “OK. Finish!” and literally leaving that poor little guy flapping away as he got his still-full bottle of milk taken away from him for no rhyme nor reason and just because his sister decided so.

This was soon followed by some screaming (Squirt) and me telling Spud several times to hand me back the bottle so I could feed her little brother. Spud would then offered to help again by shoving back the bottle to him, and then took it away again as soon as the guy started to suck on it. Do this several times more, and you can imagine how frustrating this could be if Spud continues this antic of hers.

I guess her (good) intentions were there, but execution wise…well, not so great! To be fair, her antics and his reaction gave me a good chuckle. Well. Initially. My kids can be such comedians.

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