December 27, 2012

Ants Infestation

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Ants are frickin’ everywhere in our home – in the bathroom sinks, on the kitchen walls, on the bed covered with a freshly laundered (!) bed sheet, in clean diapers, in my clothes and even in the most unlikely place like in a container filled with cotton buds.

Although we do have the occasional bits of food on the floor – thanks to a 2 year-old toddler, it is not like we live in a filthy place where we have crumbs of food all over the apartment to throw these ants a gala dinner.

Where these pesky little things came from, I have absolutely no idea. They are not always there all the time, but I have seen them crawling out of the tiny little holes on the walls or from the floor. They tend to show up just like that, and when they appear, they appeared by the hundreds in several different splotches around the house – it’s like our home has become an ant rest-stop for them enroute to wherever ant farm they come from.

These little pesky creatures bite too. And they bite nasty. We have tried several different methods to get rid of them, but after a few weeks, they never fail to come back to haunt the living daylight out of me.

I hate ‘em ants. I have had an intense dislike for them since I was about 8 years old – I was bitten by a bunch of red ants while playing in a playground one fine day. I remember the burning sensation, the intense itch that got too painful to bear as days went by. It got infected real bad with pus oozing out so bad (I scratched the bite in my sleep) that I could not walk for days on end.  The nasty bite left a gaping hole on my left foot, and to this day, I still bear the battle scar on my foot where the hole which was infected by some useless bunch of fire ants used to be.

I am your classic ant-hater. I would love to learn the know-hows in creating an ant holocaust from readers out there who care to share on eradicating pesky little ants for good!

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