November 25, 2012

Spud’s BFF

One of the benefits about dropping your kids off to school yourself is that you sometimes get to yak with the teachers in school for a little bit each time before you leave the school compound. Even if it feels more like making small talks, it is nice to get first-hand information on Spud and her progress and the mischief she has been up to without me asking about it. The information was all volunteered.
One of the “insiders” stories related to me is of Spud’s social circle. While I have been told that she plays with mostly everyone and anyone most times and quite the social critter, there is this one boy, her age, Leo, whom she hangs out everyday with. According to several teachers and eye-witnesses, these 2 are best friends and almost always together all the time. They look for each other (mostly Spud looking for him!), play together, they eat together, they share snacks together (mostly Spud sharing the snacks I pack for her), they chase each other and quote-unquote, they both “go crazy together”.

We actually do know the boy – and his parents –  as they used to be in the same swimming class with Spud a while back before they changed their Saturday class to Sunday. Quite a cute kid!

Kids at this age are so innocent. My heart swells up when I hear stories like that. It sounds so endearing. According to her homeroom teacher, they are always up to some mischief. Why am I not surprise!
The teacher recently gave us a bunch of photos which they took during the International Cultural Day, and there was this one picture from that day which made me laugh really hard:
She somehow managed to look all meek and mild in the picture, standing right next to Leo, but we know for sure that doesn’t really happen all the time. Spud plays rough, and from what I gathered, the other kid she tends to play with – although not as much as Leo – is also a boy, called Marc.

In fact, I have a strange feeling that, just like her mother, she’s going to be one of those girls who grows up to be more comfortable as  “one of the boys”.

Not exactly a bad thing.

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