November 6, 2012

A peek of my professional life

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When it comes to my professional work life, those who know what I do for a living, knows that I work in a dog-eat-dog, back-stabbing, cut-throat industry. Yet, after almost 14 years being a corporate slave that started out in Singapore with several years’ exposure to the various markets in Asia Pacific, and in the last 7 years being exposed to Thailand exclusively, I am still here. 
It still is a tough industry to crack, and I don’t necessarily love every aspects of my job. But, if there is one thing I absolutely love to do, it has got to be training and mentoring.
I am a training junkie – I love being trained and I love giving training. And in the last year or so, that role has evolved to something even bigger to being a workshop facilitator for a group of at least 25 people per time. It is a role I immensely enjoyed that I wish I can do it full-time.
Years ago, I probably would be peeing in my pants if I have to speak up in front of so many people. These days, I do it like it is second nature and I do it with ease.
This was me last week as one of the speakers and facilitator of an awards workshop. I have done this for 3 straight years now, and for some reason, it felt a little bit more special this time round. I don’t know why that was, and if I were to hazard a guess, it is likely that the confidence I exude these days probably grew with my age at 3X and the life-stage I am in at present.
Training, like motherhood, in essence, is a thankless job. Yet, nothing feels more fulfilling than being able to impart the knowledge to the younglings in my industry and then seeing them succeed later on in life. Funnily enough though, I don’t quite remember my whole presentation.
But if there was one thing I distinctly remembered from the workshop that day on attention-grabbing headline by one of the trainers was this:
I almost died laughing!

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