October 12, 2012

Super snack

Category: Food
These have been my most recent all-time favourite snack in my effort to eat healthier:

Dates, dates, dates! Apart from chocolates, I find them to be truly addictive. And, for the last 3 months or so, I’ve been snacking on them like there is no tomorrow. For some reason, I just cannot get enough of them. 
They don’t always appear to be all that appetizing, as they tend to look like an over sized shriveled up raisins that are worse for wear. They good news is that, looks aside, they are actually quite nice to eat.
Most importantly, they are rich in vitamins and minerals – an excellent source of fiber and potassium. PLUS they do not contain fat, sodium or cholesterol. With no sugar added, dates make an ideal super food for snacking. According to a source at Organifactsdotcom, these vitamins and minerals are key for strong muscle development, for recovery from illness, muscle tear/break and intoxication, prevention of abdominal cancer and intestinal disease as well as work to prevent weight gain, heart problem and what do you know, even sexual weakness.
Now, aren’t those good enough a reason to include dates in your daily snacking diet.

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