September 12, 2012

Double Yolk

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One in every 1,000 eggs has a double yolk; so says the Yolk Lore. That being said, the chances of cracking an egg with a double yolk is actually quite rare – something like one-tenth of one percent.
(Source: Daily Mail)

But I cracked 2 eggs with a double yolker in them recently. My first double yolk ever. The first one went straight into the cake mixer (I was making Banana Bread again!) and by the time I realised that there were 2 yolks, it was too late! The second one, I managed to take a picture of before I turned them into an egg omelet half an hour later:

When I mentioned my find to Silver Bullet, he said that I just hit the “infamous double yolk good luck”. Ahhh! I really didn’t know that, and it’s not like I am superstitious or anything.

So,there are a few symbolism and interpretations to its meaning – some good, some bad. I choose to pick this one which I found on Yahoo! Answers:

 “Means, plentifulness and good fortune in the Wiccan religion. Expecting one thing and getting two-folds,  it foresees good things to come, usually romantically or financially.”

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Heh! I need all the luck I can get now, especially when it comes to getting my little one to sleep through the night.

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