September 1, 2012

3 months

Our little man has gone all pudgy. Isn’t it just amazing that all those blubber developed from just breast milk alone?
Since at about 2 to 3 weeks old, Squirt has loosely been on a Feed-Wake-Sleep routine throughout the day till about 7pm. Squirt does a lot of cat-napping during the day and to my chagrin, his used-to-be-an-hour to 2 hour catnaps have now been reduced to only 20 minutes or less!  What is worrying  is that at 14 weeks now, pudgy little Squirt has been showing some signs that when it comes to naps, he might just be as challenging as his little big sister
Squirt fusses A LOT when he is due for a nap. While not as bad as Spud (yet!), very unfortunately for us, Squirt prefers to be rocked, bounced, walked and held all the time when he takes his nap. I guess we only have ourselves to blame as until about just a week ago, we never did put Squirt in his own bed during nap time. We have been pretty loose with his naps, especially so during the weekends.
Hence, we have unwittingly conditioned him to be rocked and bounced and then put him in his bouncer during the day time mainly because it was more convenient for us and a practical solution for him, given his reflux situation in the early days of his life.
Big mistake! 
These days, with his reflux under control, he is showing really strong indication of refusing to go down for naps in his own bed without a massive crying session. 
Squirt is still waking up several times a night. On good nights, he wakes up once for a feed. On bad nights, he has woken up, up to 5x from midnight to 6am! Times like those really do compel me to consider sleep training!
Apart from that, Squirt has got quite a chilled out temperament. When not refluxing or trying to take a nap, he is mostly all smiles and a really pleasant baby. He started laughing heartily at about 11 weeks and that just blew me away! 
And oh!!! His hair. That hedgehog looking hair is just growing longer and defying gravity! Funnily enough, there was a picture of Spud sporting the same hair-do when she was about a month old!
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