August 21, 2012

Spud’s little big bed

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Another milestone was reached just 2 days short of Spud’s second birthday.

It was a little earlier than we could have ever anticipated, but Spud has by now been successfully transitioned into a toddler’s bed – to our delight, without much of a fuss or hassle. 
We did not buy her any new bed; we just converted her old cot bed into a toddler’s bed and bought guard rails for the converted bed. To make the transition easier for Spud, we also made sure that she was involved in the actual process of transforming her cot bed into her little big bed.  
Even though she was at first apprehensive when she saw her transformed bed, it did not take her long to get used to the idea. In fact, Spud was really excited about the fact that she can now climb in and out of her bed on her own. 
My heart beamed at how seamless it was to transition her along. It felt like it was such a big thing and I feel so proud of Spud.  When we snuck in several hours later, I cannot help but snap a picture of her in her new bed…
Spud sleeps in funny positions, and she travels in her bed. Looking at her whilst she sleeps makes me a little emotional.  It marked one of the last journeys of her being a baby as she moves on to the next phase. While in that state of mind,  I was being reminded by what I read a while back –  a quote  written by a journalist, Jonathan Sale: 
“When a child climbs to the next rung on life’s ladder it means the previous rung is no longer going to be trodden on.”
This was just one of our firsts of the many last journeys.

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