August 14, 2012

Security Thai Style

Category: Thaism

This is quite a common sight in and around Bangkok…
With so many security check-points being set up in MRT stations, entrances to shopping malls, hotels and office buildings, anyone walking around in Bangkok should be able to feel safe…
…except that, from my own personal experience, these “security check-points” are in fact utterly useless. 
Take the picture above for example.  I was making my way to the MRT station and had to follow a throng of people going through that entrance to get to the underground train station. While the security guards did appear to be checking, what they effectively did was this:
  • Commuters were told to open up their bags
  • The guards used a flash light to flash into the (or any) opened compartment of the bag for about 2 seconds
  • The alarm at the entrance beep every other second
  • Commuters are waved on immediately.
Basically the entire process of “checking” lasted for a mere 3 seconds. Being the little imp that I am, I played punk by opening a small compartment of my haversack that stored nothing. The entrance beeped. Still, I was waved on. And believe you, me, this method of checking is quite universal at almost every check-points there is in and around Bangkok!
Ahhh! Why do they even bother?
It is a joke, this. And really, one of the more useless measures Bangkok has put in place.  And all it does was to create unnecessary gridlock of human traffic. 
But of course, only in Thailand!

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