August 24, 2012

Kids say the darnest thing

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Spud toddled up to the (safety-gated) kitchen one evening, looked over it, turned to me and, out of the blue, with her big, cheeky grin, muttered, “I come in peace.”

I was floored. I asked her to repeat what she said once again and when she did with yet another really silly grin on her face, I guffaw my heart out. It was especially ironic, considering that she had just been given a light reprimand just 10 minutes prior for smearing and playing with the tub of calendula cream (there was cream everywhere and all over her!)  I was using on her brother. 
It must have been random, but I thought she seemed to have gotten the context right! It made me wonder where she could possibly have heard that sentence from.
That same evening, just as I settled her into her usual bedtime routine of watching TV before she goes to bed, I realized where she had gotten that script from. It was from a movie called “Rio”. And all along, I never thought she paid any attention after 10 or 15 minutes into the show. (And to be really honest, I had not noticed that before)
Coming from a 2 year old, I thought the whole thing was hilarious! By the same token, I guess this was just the debut on more kids-say-the-darnest-thing moments to come.

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