August 11, 2012

Catching a breather

Category: Baby Milestones

Introducing Squirt to the bottle was pretty…uneventful.

Yep, that’s right. Uneventful. And I’m saying it with a smile. A very big smile!
When we decided to introduce Squirt to the bottle at six weeks, I have to admit that I was feeling quite nervous. Deep, deep, deep down in my heart, I was hopeful that it was going to be easy-peasy, but at the same time, I was truly afraid that Squirt will violently reject the bottle just likeSpud did. While I was somewhat prepared for that to happen, I was also dreading if it will happen, for I did not want to go through what we went through with Spud in the battle of the bottle again. That was just nerve-wrecking.
But Squirt did well. Even though he did not like it very much the first time round, he merely just pushed out the bottle with his tongue. None of that crazy, heart-wrenching screaming which Spud did the moment the bottle hit her mouth. With a little bit more persistence, he took to the bottle in no time during our very first attempt at introducing him the bottle. For the record, Squirt got his first bottle feeding from his Papa. 
I was so, so, so relieved that I actually shed a tear or two. I know that it could be an easy feat for most parents with easy babies who take to anything, but after our experience with Spud, I got completely emo when I saw Squirt take to the bottle easily. Silly, I know. 
We first attempted the Breastflow bottle on him. While he took to it for the first time, he did not like it very much. We then switched to the Avent bottle, and after a couple of days using it, he seemed to like it too much and started fussing at the breast. For that reason, we switched back to the Breastflow bottle.  It appears that he did not mind it so much now. 
Another hurdle crossed!  After all the hoolabaloos with Spud previously and Squirt having his reflux , I reckon we deserve to catch this little break. Although..there is always a chance that Squirt may just decide to regress…
These days, he is on the bottle for at least once a day – a practice run for when I go back to work eventually. That also means ,  I now have a little bit of a freedom to  leave him at home with our Nanny for a couple of hours while I shirk my motherly responsibilities. 
Ahhh…freedom is when I don’t have a baby stuck to my boobs 24/7. 
Here’s Oma giving her first bottle to Squirt.

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