July 24, 2012

Shame on you!

A few days ago, I had to tot Squirt around with me to get to the other side of town to run some errands. To get to my destination by 9.30 in the morning, I had to leave home at least an hour earlier and battled my way through a bunch of commuters taking the BTS train. I was wearing Squirt in a Mei-Tai.

It was a very crowded ride, and getting into the train itself at such peak hours can be quite a feat. As I got into the train, I consciously made my way towards the middle of the train where there might still be some room to stand so I don’t have to stand under anyone’s smelly armpit and breathing their garlic-smelling breath! 
I was not expecting anyone to give up their seats for me, but as I moved towards the area of occupied seats, a lady offered me her seat. Perhaps she felt sorry for me when she saw me carrying Squirt and a small bag pack, with nothing to hold on to. 
As she stood up, I noticed that she was pregnant! Not that I would have sat if anyone else would have offered as Squirt would rather have me stand, but I was pretty surprised that of all the able people in the train, it took a pregnant lady to offer me HER seat. I politely declined and really thought she being pregnant (bless her!) would need the seat more than I do. 
As soon as I declined though, her empty seat was promptly occupied by another well-dressed, very able lady in her late twenties, who sat her ass down and got busy reading her novel! How appalling!
I thought it would be kind to let the pregnant lady have her seat back. It seemed awfully wrong to steal the seat away from her. 
I should have said something, but I didn’t…. Perhaps, I just did not want to make a scene – and besides by the time I realized what happened, there were a few people standing in between me and the seat she took. 
People can be so shameless these day, and unfortunately incidences like this happen all the time. Is it so hard to be thoughtful of and kind to others?

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