July 11, 2012

Mini Chocolate Rice Cupcakes

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Cupcakes or muffin-like stuff are not really my thing, but if there is one cupcake which I quite like is the one which my Mom (but of course!) used to make for Hari Raya.

This one is so simple to do and, using my Mom’s recipe, I was practically done within an hour.

Mini Chocolate Rice Cupcakes
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  1. 250g butter
  2. 250g castor sugar
  3. 200g self-raising flour
  4. 5 eggs
  5. 180g chocolate rice (or otherwise known as sprinklers)
  6. 1 tspn vanilla essence (I used 2 strips of fresh vanilla pods)
  1. Sieve the flour. Add in the chocolate rice into the sieved flour and set aside
  2. In a mixer, put in butter, sugar and vanilla essence and beat them together till fluffy
  3. Add in the eggs into the mixture in the mixture, one by one
  4. When all are nicely mixed in together, add in the set aside sieved flour with chocolate rice into the mixture
  5. Lastly, prepare papercups. Carefully drop about 1 teaspoon of the mixture into the papercups and bake at 170 degrees celcius for 20 minutes
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A mixture of butter, sugar and vanilla essence
Sieved flour with chocolate rice (sprinklers)
Baking them up in the oven

The final result is not meant to be really soft like the regular cupcakes one is used to, rather these yummies tend to be a little bit on the crispier side. I kind of like it better that way too, as somehow, it makes it that little bit more addictive.

And because they are minis, once you pop, you can’t really quite stop.

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