July 22, 2012

Fancy French toast

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Meal times with Spud can sometimes be such a drag, as no one meal time with her is ever the same. On good days, we manage to get Spud to chow down her food within 15 minutes. On other days, it sometimes takes us more than an hour for her to complete her meal because she keeps the food in her mouth and refuses to chew or swallow it.

Hence, in my bid to speed up at least one of her meal times – particularly at breakfast, as well as to encourage her to self-feed, I thought I’ll make one of her morning meals more interesting. 
I made a bunch of French toasts which she always liked, and using an old-fashioned cookie cutter (I actually went out of my way to buy a few!), I transformed those boring looking bread into these:
Stars, hearts and flowers of all shapes and sizes – now, for a little tot, what is there about it not to like?
Although Spud pretty much rejected the heart shapes with a, “No! Don’t like this.”, she took to the rest like a fly takes to shit. She particularly loves the star-shaped ones. It did make breakfast a little bit more bearable and the bite size bread made it easier for her to self feed.
The only recurring frustration was that when she got distracted, she just refuses to chew and swallow that damn food in her mouth and kept it there for a good 30 minutes. I don’t know why she did what she did, but aaarrrrrggggghhh!
The saying, “You can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot force it to drink” comes to mind…

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