June 3, 2012

Made in Thailand II

Category: Baby Milestones
World, meet Squirt.
Squirt, meet the rest of the world!

Squirt actually did come as a little bit of an early surprise for us, even though we did think about #2 when we decided to have  Spud almost 2 years ago
 Squirt was delivered into this world on the 1st of June weighing in at 3.6 kg, at slightly after 10 am; and indeed, a little “over baked” at 40+ weeks. (I guess my womb must have been really comfortable, for, both babies had refused to come out on time!).
I mentioned before fleetingly that with Spud around, we don’t really need a boy. And now that Squirt turns out to be a boy, I reckon our household is going to be a really chaotic and a noisy one.
Regardless,  I feel blessed. We couldn’t have asked for more as we even out with a girl and a boy  (well done Silver Bullet’s boys!). With that, my baby-making factory is now officially closed. 
As Spud would have said it, “no more!”.
Stay tuned for more stories of our crazier life. 

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  1. Such a cutie! Does that means Spud and Squirt are less than 2 years apart? Ours are 20 months apart. It does get nuts around here but oh-so-cute as toddlers together! Congrats again!

  2. Thanks, Rach. Yes they are…almost 22 months apart – short of 2 more months! 🙂 I didn’t know yours are also quite close together!


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