April 24, 2012

Roo’s scrotum

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One of my team members who came back from his vacation over Songkran in Melbourne bought me a little something that is native of Australia –a Kangaroo Leather Pouch.

Now, if you don’t already know, anyone who goes to Australia for a vacation will almost certainly be buying the usual suspect of kangaroo leather skin in the form of purses, bag, wallets and the likes of that as a souvenir. While I was very appreciative of the gesture, it was unfortunately not my first-ever Kangaroo leather skin gift. Hence, nothing to be super- excited about and I left it on my desk.
This morning though, while waiting for the program on my laptop to start-up my eyes darted back again to that Kangaroo Coin Pouch on my desk. 
Something which I have not noticed before caught my attention. 
As I scrutinized it carefully, I realized the embossed words on the leather pouch read as “Genuine Kangaroo Scrotum”.

Yes, you read that right. SCROTUM.  

I had to laugh! It appears that my team member had actually bought me a leather pouch made of a Roo’s testicle! How bizarre is this!

I wondered if he actually knew what he has given me, and so being the thick-skinned idiot that I am, I approached him quietly and gently dropped the ball on him (pun intended).
Not surprisingly, he was completely unaware of that knowledge, resulting in him apologizing to me really profusely.  I may have just unwittingly embarrassed him, but he took it in a very good stride and laughed about it.
I was far from being offended and thought that it was quite a hilarious gift. Who would have thought that I now have a genuine Roo’s ball skin in my hand. How bizarrely cool is that!
As I found out through Mr Google, all those in possession of the skin of a Roo’s scrotum is assured of a long life, happiness and healthy children.  Ahh…sounds better already, isn’t it?
And not only that, the scrotum pouch is apparently also a great sign to attract an opposite gender! (Not something I need would need, though) Who would have thought Kangaroo’s balls have got so much power!
Check out this “factoids” I got off the web:
 Although I am not too sure if I would ever want to be using a Roo’s scrotum to hold my coins, this is certainly one gift I will remember for a long time. Definitely one that will not be too easy to forget.

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