April 3, 2012

Cygnet to Little Fish

Category: Being Parents

If not for Silver Bullet telling me that he saw a sign telling parents to pick up their kids’ swimming certs as the semester is about to end when we went for Spud’s weekly swimming lesson last week, I would never have known that there is a certificate to be picked up!

Turned out, since we started baby swimming in January lastyear, we never did pick up any of the certs, simply because for us, it was not a big deal and also because, nobody actually reminded us about it.
So, Spud never has any official swimming certs, and if not for that little nudge from Silver Bullet (I did not see any signs!), I don’t think it would even occur to me to ask for it. And when I did ask for it, it turned out that Spud has four to her name already – 1 for every semester.  Sweet.
To be honest, I don’t know what we will do with four certificates, and I am sure there will be more certificates to come   – only to collect dust in the end. 
In any case, I guess they are kind of a keepsake for Spud. 
I wonder what comes after Little Fish and beyond.
(I had no idea what “cygnet” means initially as it was a term I don’t think I am familiar with; only to find out later that it means “young swan”. )

For some reason, I had an image of a krill (from Happy Feet) when I saw the word “cygnet”  on the certs.

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