March 6, 2012

Sweet treats

Category: Food

Silver Bullet came back from his business trip from India last weekend bearing goodies of Indian’s sweet treats. These things are just bad-ass BAD.

Years back, I  have had Indian colleagues introducing them to me and it was such a bad discovery that I remember banning myself from the office pantry for a while. They were bad for me because they can be so, so, so good! Eating them is like inviting an immediate diabetes to happen.

I don’t know what exactly they are called, and I vaguely know that they usually are made of pure ghee and tons of sugar…They are so darn sweet that the moment we put them out on the table for after-dinner desserts, the ants somehow found their way to these Indian goodies within SECONDS!

They melt in your mouth and you can just go on and on and on and on, because after several bites, you stop tasting anything else because the sugar just kill your tastebuds.

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