March 13, 2012

Spöka Night Light

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We have been searching for that perfect night light to put in Spud’s room for ages now, and truly, I cannot imagine that night light could be one of the hardest thing to find in this country.

By now, we have been through several night lights, and none of those lasted long enough to warrant a decent mention.

Recently, we came across a rather cute-looking, decent night-light when we trolled into IKEA, and without bothering to test it prior to purchase, we bought it.

What we didn’t know was that the light changes colour from purple to red. And,  when I first saw the colour turned to red, I thought the red hue made that little cute thing appeared rather spooky.

I thought it was just me and thought nothing of it.  On its own, it actually is quite cute. By the time we remembered about the night light we bought earlier in the day, Spud was already fast asleep. While I was cautious about leaving the night light in Spud’s room for her to discover it when she wakes up, Silver Bullet thought that actually, Spud may just be intrigued by the vivid colours, and thus, more likely to be fascinated by it when she’s wide awake. Which, in my mind, is a valid argument as it could be me who was just being paranoid.

So, left that little thing in Spud’s room we did and soon forgot our little deed.

Lo and behold! Spud woke up screaming her head off in the morning. As I opened the door to her room, I saw her pointing to the corner of the room and crying her guts out as she inched well away from the Spöka night light we forgot about. 

I guess my initial instinct as a mother was quite spot on! It wasn’t until I turned off Spöka and kept it out of her sight that she finally calmed down.It turned out that she was pretty terrified of that thing.

Later, Silver Bullet had it in him to check what “spöka” means in Swedish as he thought “Spook” (pronounced as spoke) in Dutch actually means “Ghost”.

It turned out that Spöka actually means “to haunt”.

Spöka in an off mode
Spöka in an on mode

I had to laugh when he told me that. Isn’t it ironic?

Funnily enough, a few days on, Spud is starting to get curious about it. She is still not sure, but she has dared herself to touch it and kiss it lightly, but not liking it very much when Spöka is being turned on.

She calls it “Lampje (pronounced as Lampi-er in Dutch) the Lampu” (as in lamp in Malay)” .

She still does not want it to be turned on when we put her to bed at night.

I wonder how long this “exposure therapy” will last. And, as I found out, Spöka is recommended for ages from 3 years old. While t he light changes colour, one can press the switch down to lock it at one colour.

Ahhh…! Good to know.

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