January 10, 2012


Category: Random

The clutz in me did it again.

 Ask a clutz what they have done to “accidentally” hurt themselves, and chances are, you won’t be getting a coherent answer.

Ask me, I know.

Okay –  I actually know how it happened. I hit my knee on the edge of thewooden shoe cabinet we have near the main door. I was squatting on my knee after taking Spud’s shoe off her feet (or was it my own sandals?!) , and as I pulled myself up, I banged up my knee pretty bad against the sharp edges of that heavy wooden chest.

It hurt so bad that it took the wind right out of me, paralysing me for a good few minutes before I was able to get myself up again.It swelled up within the hour.  I can tell you that much.

But, how I managed that, I don’t have a clue and I can just blame myself for being the clutz that I am.

After 3 days, my knee still bulges out a bit,  and the colour of the bruise has become much, much more prominent. Still pretty painful. Another battle scar…oh well! 🙂

(I can see my mom shaking her head  and rolling her eyeballs at me if she sees this..hee..heh!)

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