January 6, 2012

Another cool gift

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Someone from the office who works in another department sure made me smile.

When I got to my desk this morning, the first thing I saw was an unassuming white envelope with my name emblazoned on it. I opened the package and found this inside:

We work very well together and in the last few years, have somewhat established some sort of a close work relationship and a level of friendship within the corporate Thai environment. She’s got a cool sense of humour, and one of the more straight-forward, no-nonsense Thais I know.

It has got all sorts of my favourite  Cadbury’s chocolates and candies inside. She sure made my day!

So far, the gifts I got for New Year’s have all been pretty awesome.Especially nice when I was not expecting anything.

Thank you, Deer!

The package is still intact – I haven’t had any emergencies so far. 🙂

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