January 7, 2012

17 months update


So Spud’s 17 months old.

So, every once in a while, I still feel jealous when I see other child sitting quietly next to their parents in a zen-like manner as they calmly watch and observe their surroundings in a state of supreme buddha-hood.

And then there is me or Silver Bullet running after Spud relentlessly because she is growing a bunch of ant farms in her pants. Forget about baby classes that involve sitting around in a circle, listen to the music and follow instructions to dance around; the last time we took her for a trial session at The Little Gym (some sort of a gymnastic class for babies > 4 months) , Spud went everywhere but sit down where she was supposed to.

All she really wanted to do was clamber about and jump around like a restless monkey. The only thing that got her attention for a bit was when the gym instructors started to blow bubbles. THAT got her really excited and she just barreled her way through to other kids that I almost felt a little embarrassed. It got me thinking of how she would behave in a classroom environment a few years from now…

Looking at how it went, I think we’ll be better off letting her loose at some other play area for now.

Spud hardly ever walk these days. She just runs. For such a small tot, she goes pretty fast and we’ll have to be alert enough to run after her just as quickly or she’ll just stray away and then crash!

Which reminds me of an incident which occurred at a shopping mall recently where, according to Silver Bullet (I was sitting down at a cafe downing my coffee as Silver Bullet ran after her), Spud had ran and then walked into a glass door of a furniture store at Paragon.

Apparently, she did not realise that there was this glass door and went barreling through. When she hit her forehead, however, surprisingly, there was not a peep from her. Instead she gave this irate expression as if questioning as to why the door was there in the first place, and  then got quite angry at the door.

When she walked towards me, I noticed this red streak of a bump on her forehead, and when Silver Bullet told me what happened, I could not help but let out a hearty laugh as I gave her forehead a kiss; perhaps, much to the dismay of Spud. But at least she came back to me grinning from ear to ear.

She’s also picking up so many new words these days that I am amazed at how fast her vocabulary is expanding; reminding us yet again that we should be watching what comes out from of our mouths…

Spud’s a tot full of energy and  I sometimes wonder where she gets her energy from — especially so when she does not nap very well in the day. I get exhausted just by watching her go for 15 minutes non-stop;  having to run after her meanwhile , will seriously deplete whatever energy I have left of me.


I wonder where she got those traits from considering both her parents are extremely laid-back and super-chill. There must have been a dormant stray DNA somewhere…

I know we have a healthy baby, and trust me, I am very grateful for this. However, sometimes, just sometimes, I just wish she’d chill out a bit…just a tad bit so us parents can re-charge a little bit more to have that much more energy to chase after her. If anything, all I ask for is for her to sit down quietly for 10 minutes at ONE spot. Clearly, that has proven very difficult for her to do.

I also hope that those people who insist that energetic, super-charged, active babies will grow up to be one of the most dynamic, and intelligent creatures are not just sugar-coating the truth to make me feel better. (but if you are lying however, I can understand why). 

The upside of Spud being super-busy in the last few weeks since the last update though, is that she has been a little less cranky. Which,in a way, is a welcome break for me from having to want to scream my head off.

So truly, one can’t have everything…I guess I’ll just have to wait if super-busy Spud becoming a one helluva intelligent  kid when she is much older will hold true.

At this stage, behind that cheeky smile, I’m waiting with bated breath as to what else she has up her sleeves to keep her parents occupied for hours on end.

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