Yearly Archive:: 2012

Hello another year!

Another year is about to bustle to a close in a matter of hours, and another year added on to our years living in Bangkok. The end of the world prediction day came and went, and we

Saying thank you

When I saw this article on thank you being the hardest word, I am being reminded once again how easy it is for people to forget to say such simple words to show some appreciation.  The one

"Us" Day

Every once in a while Silver Bullet and I always make it a point to have an “us” day. It usually is a random day within the week in which both of us would be taking a

Ants Infestation

Ants are frickin’ everywhere in our home – in the bathroom sinks, on the kitchen walls, on the bed covered with a freshly laundered (!) bed sheet, in clean diapers, in my clothes and even in the

A mom’s promise

This is just too funny….   …but I know that the last bit is all oh-so-true.