December 27, 2011

Nice send-off for Gramms

Category: Baby Milestones

Spud must have had a ball in the last week where she seems to be enjoying the attention that was showered upon her, day-in, day out for almost 10 straight days.

While it does take her a few days to warm up to my parents (isn’t it always the case!), once she gets used to them, she bonds with them pretty easily. In fact, after only a few days, Spud called out Nya-yi (Grandma) and Yai-yi (Grandpa) quite quickly.

Very soon, she expects her Nya-yi to come along with her and her Nanny whenever she is due for her play-time downstairs. According to my mom, Spud just does not ask it by saying “Nya-yi?” accompanied by a questioning look when the Nanny puts on her shoes for her, but also waiting for her Nya-yi to walk out of the door as she waits for my mother to waddle along after her.

It does look like they bonded well.

Spud must have a lot of fun with her Gramms, though, for when we sent my parents off to the airport, she somehow gravitated towards my Mom and asked to be carried – something which had not happened before, especially when both Silver Bullet and me were around at the same time.

So, carried Spud in her arms my mom did, and Spud willingly let herself be carried – which is not usually the case. Spud was even very generous with her kisses and hugs as we stood around at the departure area.

What struck me as a little suprising was when we tried to say our good-byes and tried to take Spud back, Spud was pretty vehement that she did not want us to take her and did want to let her Nya-yi go. In fact, she clung on to Nya-yi as if she was clinging on to her dear life, screaming her head off when we touched her. She was visibly upset – something neither Silver Bullet nor me had expected. (this was when I rushed for the camera, but by then, she was already getting quite antsy!)

She finally let go when my Mom gently released her back down on the floor. Spud was not looking too happy, but at least she let out a “bye” after being prompted several times; an indication that she was ready to say her bye for us to (or let them) leave.

All in all, we thought Spud did a nice sent-off for her Gramms. It was completely unexpected, but it turned out to be something worth remembering.

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