November 12, 2011

Flood update and silly stuff

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Still dry here in Bangkok in the vicinity where we live.

Still getting fed with loads of confusing messages and useless information from the government.

And if you have not been following Thai news, just last week, there was a news report of 15 green mambas escaped a flooded building in Nonthaburi . Article can be found here.

In which, makes the whole flooding situation much more reassuring that it already was.

Separately, I was told by my Thai colleagues that it was actually the owner of those snakes himself who had reported it to the authorities.

And then there were disputes that they were not Green Mambas, but rather the deadly green viper. Ok..whatever. They are still deadly anyway and you will not want to go anywhere near them.

A week on, there has been no further news of these snakes.

Then came an update from FROC which reported this just a few days ago:

“No record of import of green mamba snake; baht 59,000 bounty for the capture to prosecute person who spread the rumour. ”

Seriously. And I mean seriously?! (go on, roll yor eyes to the back of your head. and laugh.)

I bet they don’t have the records of the rest of the various species of endangered animals which were brought illegally to Thailand either and only to be sold as exotic pets.

Oh, I forgot. They were not illegal. They were just rumours.

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