November 14, 2011

Being kaypo (again!)

Category: Thaism

We occupied ourselves by being a disaster tourist yet again last weekend when we decided to not only pop by  Chatuchak (again!) to see how the flood was looking like, but also kaypo-ed at Lard Phrao MRT station to have a look at the surrounding area (yes, with Spud in tow!)

It did look like water has gone down a little bit as compared to when Silver Bullet visited it just a few days earlier, but to me, the entire place still looked bad over the weekend. Water was everywhere…and as far as the eye can see.

What used to be a truly busy area and almost always in gridlocked at any time of the day became deserted and quiet. It felt surreal, and I almost did not believe that this was Bangkok.

I hope the ordeal will be over for the flood victims soon.

I could smell the water from outside as we approached this entrance @ Lard Phrao MRT
Just right outside the MRT station
A car being cleverly perched up at one of the intersections
Commuters cross to the other side of the road
Ratchada-Lard Phrao Intersection – water level was much higher mid last week
Water to infinity…
Boat men ready to take passengers…
The occasional motorbikes passing through
The occasional trucks passing through
While it seemed like water was gets deeper further down
A commuter changing to water-proof attire as he walked out of the MRT station
Boots seller on the elevated bridge

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