November 13, 2011

Bangkok’s new age toilets

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I discovered that they have installed some cool toilet bowls at Samitivej Hospital with the very same toilet technology like those you find in Japan.
So, the way it works is that, you sit on the throne and when you are done with your business, you can press the button for rear cleansing, soft rear cleansing, and front cleansing. This is when the water will shoot out and clean your butt just like you specify it. You can increase the water pressure, too as well as ‘air dry’ the wet areas.
From the looks of it though, I think this is an advertising stunt by Toto (or was it Cotto?) as not only they had installed the toilet bowls at strategic floor (1st floor only), they have also installed brochures in and around the cubicle.
For whatever it was worth, I think this is cool concept! I hope they keep this toilet bowls for a while longer. And perhaps, every shopping malls should install these things. Makes me want to have one of this at home!

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  1. Vicky

    Keeps your bum warm too during the winter months. 😉

  2. I’ll be forever waiting for winter to come! :p


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