October 4, 2011

Milk Feeds

Category: Baby Milestones

When it comes to feeding milk to Spud, let’s see: we have, so far, succeeded on getting her on the breast and the bottle, and then the breast exclusively, and then off the breast to the bottle, and then off the bottle to a sippy cup. And, as she gets older by the day, we manage to alternate her drinking from a sippy to a few other drinking apparatus (straws and cups) every once in while.

Her sippy, however, is still the main means of Spud getting her milk feeds, 3x a day.

While Spud has been showing some streak of independence of wanting to do things her own, there is this one thing she will not absolutely do: hold her own sippy cup and feed herself her milk.

I don’t know why that is, and not that it bothers me at this point, but I do wonder why she would resist holding on to her own sippy for her milk feeds. I have tried several times to get her to do it by guiding her hands to hold the sippy, but for some reason, she has no desire to do it herself and resisted my attempts. It makes me wonder if she is just being lazy.

And, regardless who is feeding her the milk after her meals, she’d rather be held in a baby cradle and be fed like a baby. Fortunately, giving her the milk is not such a chore. I thank our lucky stars that we don’t have to chase her around as she will usually gulp everything down at one sitting and would be done fairly quickly before she takes off again She still make really funny noises and gulping sounds when she feeds…the same sounds she makes when she ws still breastfeeding; quite a  noisy feeder I must say.

Perhaps it is a comfort thing…and in truth, I don’t really mind cradling her that way as I realised it will probably be too soon before I have to let her go because she really wants to when she is ready for it.

Only time will tell.

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