October 24, 2011


Category: Food
I was idly scrolling the pictures on my phone and while most moms tend to have some pictures of their kids in their phone, I found this instead:
Mocha, Himilayan Tea and ice-cream consumed on a “date” with Silver Bullet while we were in Singapore. This happened for several nights after we put Spud to bed and left her in the care of my parents for a few good hours.
I reckon, while the food and coffee were a big part of why we were out in the first place, it was more of the memories we have of being able to spend a rare evening together outside, just the both of us, basking in each other’s company, chit chatting and  sharing our thoughts on random stuff as we watch the world go by, and without being dependent on the Nanny. We both were knackered from the day’s events, but enjoyed the little solitude we have with each each other.
Funny how certain things just triggers some fragments of memories, don’t you think?

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