October 5, 2011

Crazy traffic

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Did I ever mentioned before that traffic in this country has gotten crazy mad these days?

It has become so insane that we are getting stuck in traffic for hours on end in traffic at random times of the day…and don’t even bother mentioning weekends!

If you think it was bad last time, times that by 5 now! Honestly, I am not sure what it is or why traffic seemed worse that it was before, and I can only speculate that massive amount of rainfalls in the recent months plus some major road works could have been the cause of it all.

But still. It should not be a standstill for hours on end.

Just recently, we all got stuck in the carpark of the hospital on a friday afternoon after sending Spud for her mandatory vaccination. Her appointment took all but maximum 15 minutes all in (from registration to seeing the doctor to payment), but we all were stuck in the carpark for almost an hour in trying to make it out of the parking area! It was royally insane.

For a good hour almost, NOTHING was moving. And if we did move, it was probably by a meter or so. By the time we made it out of the carpark, Spud was super cranky. And by the time we got home, almost 2 hours have passed, and it was almost past Spud’s bedtime!

On any other days, we should be able to get home within 10 minutes from the hospital. Like I said, it was insane.

Here are a few snapshots of when NOTHING was moving, and we have not even made it out of the carpark yet. And as you can see, everything was in major gridlock, and no one was giving any way to anyone!

Oh..did I also mentioned that this was in a h.o.s.p.i.t.a.l?

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