October 7, 2011

14 Months

“She doesn’t have brakes, Ma’am!”

So our Nanny gleefully exclaimed when I came home from work the other day.

Spud has now gotten herself into the habit of racing towards me the moment she saw me at the door, almost crashing herself onto our wooden shoe cabinet by the door.

The Nanny could not have described it any better. Spud just runs! And, each time she runs, before we even know it, she would have zoomed past blindly towards whatever direction she fancies, sped by several pieces of furniture, and barely missing them by a few millimeters!

And each time she does that, my heart skipped several beats, crossing my finger and toes that she would apply her “brakes” in time and not unwittingly banged herself up silly.

Just the other day, Spud decided that she would take her muslin square, put it over her face and sped right for the wooden safety gate. That was pretty intense; and luckily, after hearing Silver Bullet shrieked and I happened to be closer to where she was, I managed to intervene in time or she would have gone right smack onto the gate (with the muslin over her head, covering her entire face)! Funnily enough, we both had been watching her from the different sections of the apartment, and she just had to do that just when I looked away for a few seconds!

I suppose there are many more heart attacks to come as Spud operates without brakes for a while. Her exploration sprees, while I believe is good for her developmental milestones, also do mean that we have to watch her like a hawk. Especially when considering that things just happen at that very moment we turn away from her…

Her nap time has now officially decreased to just one nap a day and, we’d be lucky if she naps for half an hour. Anything longer than that is a bonus. I wish to find some anecdotes as to how she can slow down just a fraction of a notch down, but I don’t think we can ever figure it out with this kid.

But to be fair, between naps and the occasional trouble with food, we have learnt to pick our battles with her or we’d probably be qualified for the mental institution.

I don’t know where this child gets her energy from and she’s got bountiful of it.

Energy in us? Not so much. We are so drained that I think I feel more exhausted over the weekend than having to go to work on a weekday. Our only comfort is knowing that by 6.30 pm, Spud gets so exhausted that she will practically beg us (by whining a lot and standing by the gate to go to her room) to put her to bed.

She is still a joy despite her antics though. These days, she’s been imitating us by holding her toy phone (or our phone), babbling away as she walks around the apartment, and occasionally passing the phone to us. Quite hilarious to watch, actually! When it comes to speech, she’s like our own mini-cavemen…she goes ehk..ekh..aack…aack..and looking at us funny.

I still miss the lazy afternoon naps b.c (before child) days, and so far, I have not been successful to cajole her to take a nap with me while lying next to me on a lazy weekend afternoon. I could barely open my eyes usually, but Spud’s a kid. And she has needs bigger than mine…needs like her parents has to keep her occupied and try to amuse her the entire day.

Ahhh….the joy of parenting. When is she off to college again?

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