September 21, 2011

Lensless rims

This has got to be one of the weirdest and most unfortunate error in fashion etiquette to ever hit the streets recently:

Image from Google Images

When Silver Bullet first mentioned it to me a few weeks ago on a certain person at the BTS ticketing counter sporting those big-ass but empty frames, I thought he was crazy. Well, because I did not see it then, he thought HE was crazy. 
In the subsequent days and weeks later, we spotted a few more people on the streets wearing those empty frames like it was the coolest thing ever.
We thought people had gone crazy.
Then today, when I went out for lunch, I spotted another office girl wearing the same darn thing.
Now I’m convinced that these people are really crazy!
Here I am, thinking and contemplating on lasik so I will not have to wear glasses for the rest of my life, and there are people crazy enough  to want to willingly wear glasses when they DO NOT need one.
After seeing too way two too many people wearing empty spectacle rims today (plus a few more we saw on weekends!), I now have this sudden urge to go poke their eyes!
I don’t think I have a bad fashion sense, but this, to me is just a case of fashion faux pas. Bizarre!
Or perhaps, I should just give them due credits for being so brave to pull such a stunt. (Still baffles me as to why they do it, because it makes them look so bloody ridiculous!)
So, if you are one of those sporting those ridiculous bigger than your face pair of spectacles with no lens on, beware. I just might go up to you and poke your eyes with my two little fingers!

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