August 5, 2011

The In-Trend

Category: Thaism

Almost everyone in Thailand is sporting the skinny jeans these days, and not only that, it seems that the trend these days amongst Thais is to fold up their jeans like this:

I swear I see this trend sweeping the streets everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE I turn my head. It appears like it is a universal mega-cool style this.  It is not only restricted to the teenagers, but even those in their 40s are also sporting it like it is the coolest trend ever.
On the hindsight, I wonder if the recent bouts of heavy rain we have been having here has got anything to do with it. If it is, I’d say it probably is the more practical thing to do.
But, honestly. I seriously doubt it.

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  1. Skinny jeans, rolled cuff and gumboots, that should be a trend. Those shoes would be destroyed in a soi puddle.


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