August 3, 2011

Fresh flowers

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One of my colleagues was kind enough to share her find with me and gave me some fresh flowers to display on my desk. Her reason for buying the flowers was because she likes this particular type very much, and according to her, they are usually quite hard to come by.

She was all enthusiastic about it and decided to give me half of what she initially bought herself when she saw me walking into the office first thing in the morning. Why she did that though, I have no idea…and, for the life of me, I have no clue what kind of bloom these were as she was not able to give me the name in English. No, they are not roses.

They smelt nice and sat pretty on my desk for 2 days. And then died.

To this day, I still question about the practically of buying fresh flowers…nice to look at, and only to die on you just as quickly…!

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