August 6, 2011

Baby-friendly zone

Category: Baby Milestones
With these colourful brigtly coloured rubber mats in place, our quest in making our home a baby-friendly zone is now accomplished! (Yes, the electrical sockets in the main areas are all baby-proof as well and we do try to make our home as baby-safe as we can)
It took me a while to get used to the colours right in the middle of our living room, though, but now that I have,  I am thinking that just a normal polished brown parquet flooring would look weird to the naked eyes if we ever decide to take these mats off the floor one of these days.
Now there’s certainly no denying that this home has got a baby-soon-to-be-toddler in tow!

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  1. I hope noone in your house suffers from epilepsy (jk)

  2. bwhahahhaaaaaaaaaa! I probably almost did.

    I’m telling you psychedelic is IN!


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