August 4, 2011

Baby Food: Macaroni

Category: Baby Food

There is something to be said about not having a working laptop and an internet connection. It is great! and I can find the motivation to do OTHER things with less of a rush than usual.

With the time I had when my laptop crashed recently, I decided to get a little creative and spent a little bit more time in the kitchen to make Spud my version of baby macaroni:

By “more time in the kitchen”, I meant I actually spent a little over 15 minutes on my feet as opposed to just the usual steam, mash and freeze.
It’s a simple recipe of:
  • boiled macaroni
  • about 3 teaspoon of tomato sauce from a can
  • mixed vegetables of carrots and peas
I cooked them all together in a pan for about 10 minutes and they are ready to be eaten. It’s bland as hell, but at least Spud’s eating it!

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