May 10, 2011

Post Election Day

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The election is over, and to quote from a friends’s status update on FB (you know who you are!):

After all that hoo-ha, wayangs, song and dance, drama and tears, its finally over and the dust has settled. The sun still rises in the east and life goes on”

Apparently she has gone back to her couch to catch up with her Korean drama series. With the election over, I still have to wait for a month or so to get my name re-registered. If ever.

 And as for Singapore, there is no change of the ruling party, which is of no surprise to me.
Anyhow, I came across this interesting blog post of someone who has had a first hand experience of being one of the counting agents at the pollign stations. I thought it to be a very insightful and a well-written post.

While it is very interesting to be able to understand the type of votes which people had cast, but in the same breath, I find it really disturbing to know on how the decision on whether or not to validate the vote was being made!

I especially liked the “Go to Hell” voting piece. Hilarious to encounter if you are the counting staff, but scary to know that at some places, it can be considered as a valid vote.

Source: Yawning Bread dot wordpress dot com

You really have to read this post here to get what I mean.

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  1. Silver Bullet

    Hahhaa, ridiculous! Time for electronic voting me thinks…

  2. Anonymous

    The stupid spoilt votes are what made the darn PAP win so many votes including winning back potong pasir… Stoopid government!


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