May 24, 2011

Mesh teether

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While researching for the different types of teething rings and their functionality quite a while ago, I stumbled upon reviews on mesh teethers; something which I have not seen in Thailand back then.

I don’t usually have very high hopes that we will be able to find most of the baby stuff we found online to be readily available in Bangkok, but when I (do find them), I am most pleasantly surprised.
I had to search for them mesh teethers I saw online for quite a bit here, and funnily enough, after half an hour of going back and forth the teethers’ aisle, I finally found some, dumped haphazardly in a display box with a bunch of other unrelated things. On sale!

So I bought a couple, and having tried those mesh teether for a few times, I have to say that it is now one of my (and Spud’s) favourite thing. Whenever I suspect a teething Spud, I stuff frozen fruits in there and just let Spud suck on it to sooth the teething discomfort. And, I swear it works wonders as not only will she be distracted (and therefore quiet and less cranky) for the entire time while the frozen cube is there, she will also be able to get some form of nutrition from it at the same time.

As I found out, this mesh teether thingie was invented by a dad whose baby nearly died choking on a biscuit. From what I read, the original intention was actually for giving fresh fruits, vegetables and meals safely without the risk of choking while teaching baby how to chew.

Isn’t that just a genius invention?

It does get a little messy as when the frozen fruit melt, though, and it will surely start dripping all over her hands. But to me, that is a small price to pay to comfort a cranky, teething baby.

And, as you can see, I am completely sold by this fabulous Munchkin teether. In my opinion, a definite must-have in your list of baby items.

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