May 10, 2011

From bottle to sippys

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Earlier this month, I realised that we may need to seriously start thinking about weaning Spud off the bottle. Apparently, it is best to do so before she turns one.

I honestly did not think that it is something I should be worried about. After all, we started introducing the Sippy to her when she was about 5 months old. And, in the last four months, she has had some “play” time with the sippy in our bid to get her familiar with the thing, so it was a fun thing for her to learn how to use it, especially when she has some sort of schedule when it comes to feeding time.

I should have seen the signs…all this while, she was not too interested with the sippy. And all this while, I thought it is OK and that she’ll get round to it as she refines her motor skills. Then when I started googling on the subject of Sippys recently, I realised that I may be in for another bumpy ride.

Apparently, as one website puts it, moving on from a bottle to a sippy cup is one of the hardest stepping stones for the mother and the baby. Who would have thought!

Having done a little research, I decided to do a small test run by rigorously introducing the current Sippy which we have been using. Spud refuses it flat out, and at this stage, refuses to have anything to do with it. I then decided that I should buy a few types of the different Sippys, just to gauge how receptive she will be to it.

Verdict: My initial attempts at the first few types of Sippys are not looking too good.

Right now, I foresee a repeat of another similar episode with the battle of the bottle we had more than 7 months ago if I have to start taking the bottles away. At the back of my mind, I wonder if it will be worth to risk baby led weaning instead when it comes to get her off the bottles. Or is this just me being kiasu?

Honestly, just thinking about having to do this bottle to Sippy transition gives me the shudder…I wonder if I have the will to go through the cold turkey method again.

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  1. I went straight to the cup! I don’t know if that is useful to you. I used this one.

  2. Lucky you! Did you encounter any resistance? You gotta share your experience & blog about how you went about doing it :). Someone else here did show us the cup, but we have been searching here and couldn’t find where they sell it. Going online and having to pay for massive delivery charges just doesn’t make sense. :/

    but, thanks for tip! We shld just try this one also. 🙂


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