May 13, 2011

Deep fried stuff

Category: Food
Sweet dreams are made of these…who am I to disagree…I travel the world and the seven seas…everybody’s looking for something”

…and all I’m looking for is a bunch of deep fried Dutch snacks like these…

And, of course, being back in Bangkok, I’ll be shit out of luck.
We had these yummilicious babies while we went gallivanting in Amsterdam without Spud during our last few days in Holland. The biggest balls on the right were Bitterballen and unfortunately, I can’t quite remember what the rest were, except that I wouldn’t mind having every single one of them again. Right now.

They were so, so good that I took a picture of them (which I had forgotten till now!).
OK. I’ll tell you one thing though: those were really bad stuff…they make my mouth water just by looking at them.

Not very good for my mental state of mind.

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