April 8, 2011

That time of the year

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As you are reading this, we will already be cruising at an altitude of at least 12,000 meters and making our way to Schiphol Airport.

Don’t envy us, for, I believe it is likely that we will be having the time of our lives of not getting any sleep in the last 24 hours. I reckon, possibly none whatsoever in this 11 hour flight journey as we go on a full combat mission to sooth an 8 month old baby who is cranky and will not go to sleep. I foresee Silver Bullet and me taking turns going up and down the aisle of the plane, and annoying the crap out of everyone.

Sometime this time last year, we flew to Indonesia for our annual vacation. It was still two of us then, but my tummy did look like I had swallowed a watermelon.
It must have been the most uncomfortable vacation I have ever had, having to waddle everywhere. Climbing up the Borobudur was hard work.
I clearly also remembered being royally ripped-off by the Indonesian Airport Authorities who made us pay a 6000 Rupiah (~1.20 SGD) each way for a compulsory declaration form of pregnancy. I was annoyed at the hassle. I was even more annoyed when they did not give back our 10,000 rupiah change as they claimed that “they did not have any small notes” to return the remaining change back to us. Right.

Since they decided to play punk with me, I decided that I’d harass them by insisting that I needed a receipt for my payment. They were not too happy that I asked for it. Hence, in a typical Indonesian style, they made us wait for a good half an hour just to give me a Xerox copy of the declaration form I paid for. I think it was their ploy to make me give up, but I had patience; so I waited. And, with a smile, too.

Technically, what they effectively did was actually charging a flight fare to the child who was still in my stomach! I know it is only a meager amount, but still! I go by the principle that since you want my money, then it is only right I take the receipt.

So, one year has passed since then and it is also officially that time of the year again where we ship off our asses somewhere for our annual vacation over Songkran. It used to just be the two of us. Now, there are three of us, with Spud having a legit ticket to her name.We have a whole lot of plane adventures to come.

For now, here’s me signing off as I take a break from blogging for a couple of weeks in trying to spend some quality family time, and, hopefully with loads more to blog about in the coming weeks.

Happy, happy Songkran everyone!

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