April 28, 2011

Holland 2011 Day 5-8: Landal De Lommerbergen and beyond

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Landal De Lommerbergen is nothing but a recreational venue for family to come together and relax for several days. Its concept is that of a holiday bungalow, surrounded by nature and complete with living room (lounge & dining area), kitchen, a balcony, 2 bedrooms and toilet facilities. The entire park is a car-free zone (double-yay!)

Other ammenities in the park can be found here.

Hanging out with Papa
Going with the flow remained was our agenda, and with the cool weather, it was nice to just also take it easy. We also ensured that Spud gets lots of floor time, and she is always just too happy when given the chance to do so, anytime, anywhere.
Since this place is a stone’s throw away not only from the main town area, from several cities as well as Belgium and Germany, we varied our days with some activities here and there.
We sashayed to town (15 minutes away) for a little shopping and sightseeing.

Getting lost in Dusseldorf

We went through the border to Dusseldorf, Germany (half and hour away from De Lommerbergen)
We visited a couple of Silver Bullet’s friends who are living in Reumond.
We went strolling in the woods.
We even had real fresh bread every day and I tell you, bread never tasted so good like the ones they have in Holland. Authentic!
Strolling in the park amidst the cool air was nice. Just being able to feel so close to nature feels so…serene and cozy! And what’s nicer about it is also, for the first time ever, we managed to get Spud to finally fall asleep in the stroller! Not once, mind you, but at least twice and without much effort, too. I have every reason to believe that it must have been the cold air that knocked her out cold!
Despite being a little small (by small, it was quite a tight fit for Silver Bullet to maneuver himself in the other bedroom where Spud slept the moment he walked through the door!), the bungalow we stayed in at De Lommerbergen is really quite a cozy place to be. I truly enjoyed being there.
I reckon Spud did too, judging by the way she went bouncing off the walls (and the cushiony sofa as well as the mattress as a matter of fact).
The 3-hour trip drive back to where we came from however, was not so nice, partly attributed to bad traffic, and, mainly Spud wailing her guts out for almost 2 hours on the way back home. She became very irritable within the hour into the journey home, and basically cried her guts out almost non-stop for almost 2 hours until we drove up to our parents’ driveway. She did not like being confined in the car seat for too long and it was her way of letting us know that she has had enough and we certainly had to make a few pit-stops as, unless we took her out of the car, there was nothing I could do to sooth her crying. I am certain I have gone deaf from it.

It helped that I could tune out from her by looking out at the windows and started staring at the beautiful landscape of colourful blossoming tulips to distract me for a bit while Spud went on full-blast.

By the time we got to the parents’ place, we three looked completely dishevelled and almost out of whacked as Spud went on her crying fits!Then, almost immediately, all was fine and dandy as the little imp got her freedom back and went bonkers during floor time right before her bedtime.
Sights @ Dusseldorf:

Spud mucking about @ De Lommerbergen:

Spud falling asleep in the stroller!!!!

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