April 27, 2011

Holland 2011 Day 4: Driving South

Category: Baby Milestones

Spud surprised us by sleeping through for a solid 13 hours or so despite having a rough time the day before. It certainly suited us fine!

In the morning, we went about preparing for our great adventure of a 3-hour drive to some holiday bungalow in Limburg, completely forgetting for the 3rd year running that it was actually our 3rd year wedding anniversary! (I told you I was not big on celebrating our own birthdays and anniversaries). Only when Silver Bullet’s mom gave us her wishes, did we realise the significance of the day.

It was special alright! Not only was it our anniversary, but it also was the day where we became stupid and literally tempt fate in attempting a 3-hour drive with a cranky, but an energetic infant who will not sit still for 2 minutes on her own, let alone in a car seat for a 3 hour drive!

While we both were apprehensive, we just still had to try!

And so we did.

And we are proud to say that no major melt-downs happened. In fact, Spud managed some good nap time in the car. When we did a rest-stop, she was all happy, cheery and excited! It was only right at the end when she started losing her steam and started to whinged a bit.

But by then, we had managed to unload her and everything else into this bungalow which we were to stay as a base for the next 4 nights. It was also already after 5pm when we settled up everything and only less than 2 hours away from her bedtime! (Yayyy!)

We thought about how special our anniversary should be and made sure that we planned it all so well that we essentially had only these for dinner on the day we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. 
From left: 2 Paos quartered, 1 bag of Keropok, 2 cup noodles!

Ain’t that just epic!

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