April 26, 2011

Holland 2011 Day 1-2: Taking it slow

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Apart from visiting family, catch up with some friends and attempting our fate to drive up South to a holiday bungalow, we don’t really have any concrete plans for our vacation this time round. We planned our time rather loosely, all of which were pretty much Spud-permitting.

With that in mind, we arrived on a Friday morning and decided to take the first few days slow.

We went to the neigbourhood mall, visited some friends and went on a cool leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood. It felt nice. On one of the walks back home, I stumbled upon a plant on the garden of someone’s home which happened to be quite close to the sidewalk we were walking on. It is called the Common Grape Hyacinth – apparently sometimes grown as an ornamental plant.

I thought it looked fantabulously gorgeous. To the Dutch, it meant one thing: Spring has just begun.

And, it was beautiful.

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