April 5, 2011

Another Uproar

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Just a few months ago, an article on Singapore’s founding father made headlines and caused quite an uproar with the local communities.

Today, I saw a post on Facebook referring to an article on a quote by the Senior Prime Minister. He said this of people in the less developed country: “Because they don’t know what life is, they’re quite happy. They wake up, they brush their teeth, then they’ll farm, and then they’ll sleep. But do you want it that way?”

First it was the gardener. Now the farmer. Who are they going to pick on next?! It sounds to me like it was an extremely baseless assumption to generalise that farmers do not know what life is. With quotes like this, I can’t help but lose all sense of respect for the senior folks that make up the Singapore’s cabinet. Such perspectives can only come from people with small minds.

I’d like to think that he is missing the point. Perhaps, THAT is life. Perhaps, it is just better to be simple and happy than be an evil corporate slave who is just too power hungry to have any compassion for fellow human beings.

I am humbly ashamed by the people who claimed they are running my country.

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