April 7, 2011

A Grammatically Wrong Cafe

Category: Thaism

It may be grammatically incorrect, but this “Its Happened To Be A Closet cafe” located at Emporium in Soi 24 serves up one of the most power punch coffee in town!

When we first came by it a few years ago, we were quite appalled and even irked at the fact that an apostrophe has gone missing and even if it was there, the sentence is just not right. Top that with quite a mouthful of a name for a cafe, and a rather rip-off prices for coffee, it is just bizarre! I have always wondered what the name of the cafe has got to do with coffee.

While I can safely say that we have been coming to this coffee place at least a couple of times per month in the last few years, we  have never, all this while,  actually ventured INTO the cafe itself, preferring to just sit right outside where the tables and chairs are.

Only recently did we find out that the insides of the cafe is actually quite quirky. Not really strange quirky but cool quirky where it literally looks like a closet in there — hanging clothes, magazines and what nots, with tables and chairs right smack in between those things (They did not allow me to take any pictures, so use your imagination)

I guess I can now see the link of the concept to the name…literally a world of its own.

One of the more distinctive feature which struck me (apart from pricey coffee) is the impeccable service level. The staff are very friendly, always smiling and never fail to amuse Spud and make her smile when we are there! Never mind the closet concept, that to me, is enough to keep me coming back.

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