April 7, 2011

8 Months

Spud is now inevitably entering the land of bumps and falls proper, as she starts to explore her surroundings and discover her limits. Every time she loses her balance and hit her head on the floor, my heart skips a beat. However, I also realise that it is just a part and parcel of her growing up, and I don’t usually fuss over her “misfortune” too much when she does fall over.

When that happens, though, I will just give her a wide grin and rub her head (or whichever part she landed on). And, unless she screams out her cry in a piercing tone, I don’t usually pick her up immediately; preferring to just soothe her by nonchalantly telling her that it is all ok. Most often than not, she will stop crying after a few seconds and continue to whatever she it was she was doing. She will usually be all smiles, wide-eyed, bushy tailed again in no time at all.

I have also realised that certain sounds bothers her. While she can sleep through a thundering storm or loud fireworks going on from our balcony, she gets utterly upset by the sound of the vacuum cleaner and the hair-dryer! I thought that was quite weird as from what I have read or heard, white noises like those usually sooth a baby; some could even fall asleep. Spud being Spud however, would freak out and start eye-balling her guts out like there’s no tomorrow! Aansteller..

These days, Spud’s trying really hard to stand with half a support or sometimes, without support; again forgetting the fact that she can’t quite walk yet. At 8 months, this little imp seems to be getting rather impatient!

She is still fighting sleep — so much so that when she can already barely open her eyes when she’s sitting on her Papa’s lap or being carried, she blinks and blinks and blinks just so that she won’t succumb having to close her eyes!

Spud’s still not teething yet, and neither has she shown any signs that she is about to have any soon, But this being Spud, what are the chances of those sneaky teeth coming out in the first few hours of her first long haul flight to Europe?

I’ll keep you posted.

Spud having a small playtime on the floor of a restaurant

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