March 25, 2011

Coffee from the loo

Category: Thaism
When I was asked what I wanted to drink while I was doing my medi-pedi, I requested for iced-coffee.  Give or take 5 minutes later, my eyes darted to a lady walking right out of the bathroom and in her hand, a tray with what looked like a glass of iced coffee in it.
Right at at that point, I was hoping that she was not actually going to sashay to my way with THAT iced coffee! But she did, and with a wide smile, placed the glass right next to me. You should have seen the look on my face. Bizarre as it may sound, I’d like to believe that there was an opening to the kitchen from the bathroom area. Somehow.
So then, this iced coffee really did come from the toilet…
I braved the doubt I had in my head (there’s got to be an opening to a kitchen or a pantry next to the toilet!!!) and took a sip. Naturally, it sucked because it was Nescafe. And, Nescafe is not real coffee.
And this glass of instant iced Nescafe coffee did literally came from the toilet. I definitely saw a person walking out from it carrying this very glass of drink. For me. It looked much yukkier after I left it standing for an hour. They made me yukky coffee from the toilet.
Thailand, Thailand…only in Thailand.

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