March 24, 2011

Bubble Tea

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Do you remember the Bubble tea craze in Singapore from about 10 years ago? If I recall correctly, it must have been circa Year 2000 when overnight, there suddenly were hundreds and hundreds of Bubble Tea shops springing all around the island. It was so popular that you see queues forming at almost every single shop there was.

I was addicted to those Bubble Tea, alright! I had them almost every day for a long while, and I distinctly remember the Lychee Milk Tea flavour; a flavour I was so hooked on. I hate queuing (still do!) and I got my bubble fix by going to the less popular and obscure shops. Honestly, after a while, they all really do taste the same. The difference really was in the “bubble” – essentially black tapioca pearls. I like “bubbles” which are firm, chewy and separated well as I reckon it was the texture that made it all addictive.

Its popularity somehow tapered off after a few years, and I believed that most of the smaller shops went bust. I do think it must have been a nice business set-up to cash in at that time though. It really was a craze as everyone was drinking Bubble Tea. And I do mean everyone. Well, almost.

Recently, a new Bubble Tea shop just sprung up at the basement of my office building. These days, I don’t care much for it really; but I thought I’d just give it a go anyhow, as I wondered if I still liked it. Turned out I STILL DO and I enjoyed the taste of those chewy pearls. I don’t think I have outgrown them. Nowhere near actually! And I thought my addiction was truly over.
Ahh…Bubble Teas! I swear there were so many memories surrounding Bubble Teas, and as I take a sip of the tea with the big straw, I’m being reminded again of some of the fond memories I left behind.

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  1. OMG. Then you better stay away from SG. There’s a recent (slightly over a year ago) resurgence of these bubble teas with the brand “Koi” topping the list. The queue snakes on like they were giving it away for free.

    See a brief intro on the resurgence:

    I’m a regular of Koi and Gong Cha… Its really really nice…

  2. It never did die, did it? =) The pic on the link you sent looked yummie that I want to go get one NOW!

    Ahh..the memories with bubble teas i tell you….!


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